Christian Dior is the latest high-end fashion house to jump on the consumer electronics bandwagon by launching a mobile range following similar offerings from Armani, Prada and D&>.

Dior has unveiled a line of mobile phones, particularly aimed at "brand-hungry" consumers in new markets such as China and Russia.

The new Dior phone will cost from around £2500 and is created and manufactured by French company ModeLabs who specialise in such badged goods.

"In the same way that we have developed our watch and jewelry lines, we want to increase sales with the phone", the Dior chief executive said.

There's not a lot known hardware-wise at this stage other than the phone will offer a touchscreen display, camera, and "mini-phone extender" dubbed "My Dior" that's about the size of a USB key, and designed to clip to the outside of a bag for easy access.