A new in-car handsfree voice kit is launching in the UK today that hopes you will shun your satnav in favour of voice commands and crystal clear quality sound.

The Bury CV 9040 will cost £139.99 and give you the chance to connect your mobile phone via Bluetooth to the device that sits on your dashboard or your sun visor.

Core to the new gadget is its voice commands that allow you to speak to the device saying who you want to dial as you navigate your phone's contact list.

It's makers, Bury Technologies, claim that the CV 9040 will recognise at least 95% of all verbal instructions, and if that wasn't enough you can also train the unit to get used to your voice by saying around 25 prerecorded phrases following an optional setup program.

Failing the voice options users will also be able to interact with the device via the colour touchscreen display.

Depending on the phone you connect to it users will also be able to read SMS messages as well as have them read out via the rather posh sounding voice in the unit.

The CV 9040 is due out in June.