T-Mobile is upping the stakes in the high speed wireless phone network arena.

The company has launched its first commercial service in New York City yesterday (Monday 5 May) but it has also revealed plans to take on those at the top of the market.

T-Mobile is to expand the HSDPA service to 20 to 25 other major US markets by the end of the year.

Reuters is reporting that this is part of a wider bid to take on the likes of AT&T Inc, Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel Corp, which have been offering high speed wireless connections for a while.

T-Mobile's owner, Deutsche Telekom is actually rumoured to be weighing up the possibility of buying Sprint, which is currently the No. 3 US mobile service.

However, T-Mobile USA and Sprint use incompatible network technologies.

T-Mobile added that it is not going to increase its call plans initially for mobile users taking advantage of the HSDPA service but new rates will be published when it starts selling higher speed phones later this year.