So you may have thought that Goldstriker's first 24-carat gold version of the iPhone was incredible, but now the company has gone beyond bling.

The Goldeneye edition is all polished gold glam.

The front bezel and rear logo are struck with 24ct gold but "the exclusivity", says the company, is in the bespoke colouring of the full rear including the bottom section antenna piece.

The finish, you see, will exactly match the metallic winter gold finish of the 2008 Jaguar XK model.

So for £749.95, you could co-ordinate your Apple accessory with your car.

Now all you have to do is pawn your belongings to buy the Goldeneye, then sell your soul to buy the car.

The Goldeneye iPhone from Goldstriker is available now while a new version of the original 24-carat gold iPhone, priced £949.95 for 16GB 1.1.4 version, will be available from 5 May.