SIMable is claimed to be a technologcal breakthrough in mobile phone unlocking.

This latest launch from Essex-based Mobile Solutions is an ultra thin chip "which, when attached to a SIM card, immediately fools most mobile phones into thinking that they have been unlocked" (hmmmmm!)

The manufacturer claims that it is compatible with the majority of mobile handsets, including all the latest 3G devices (and it'll leave the 3G tech in tact).

Mobile Solutions adds that the dinky device can be installed and working in a network locked handset in a matter of seconds, and it can be used more than once.

And the company swears that there is nothing illegal about the process although be warned that using SIMable will probably invalidate your handset's warranty.

The product is available through the company's website for £16.99, with a standard small delivery charge covering all destinations worldwide.

Each package includes the SIMable chip and customised cutting press for fitting the chip to your phone.