Following the introduction of the Emporia Life mobile handset for the "older" generation in Europe last year (the retailer's wording - not Pocket-lint's) in which it sold 250,000 units - AHD has announced that the new and improved Emporia Life "Plus" handset will be available in the UK at the end of May.

With an aluminium casing and slider design we have to admit that it's not the worst looking simplified mobile design we've seen to date.

Weighing 138g and with standby time of 250 hours, AHD says the Emporia Life Plus handset is set to appeal directly to the 20 million people in the UK who are older than 50 and just want a mobile that is uncomplicated and easy to use.

The Emporia Life Plus handset also has the following features, which AHD says are "considered top of the desirability list among the 'silver' generation" (again - their wording, not ours):

Super loud handsfree speakerphone, over-sized display and buttons, flash light, hearing aid compatible and one press ICE (In Case of Emergency) number dial/emergency SMS.

The phone will be available free on contract or on any network of your choice on a pay as you go basis for £144.67.