Although we know that mobile phone watches are inherently designed to disappoint, we can't help but feel strangely drawn to this version from Chinese manufacturer, Cool.

The G108 is a GSM handset in a clamshell slash watch design weighing 65 grams and measuring 51 x 51 x 20mm, it boasts that sleek silvery finish and has a secondary outer LED display as well as the main 1.5-inch 128 x 160 pixel screen inside.

Offering GPRS connectivty, a 1.3-megapixel camera, a media player (although only half a meg of memory) there's also microSD card support and Bluetooth, which would mean a headset set-up would make you a little less Dick Tracy.

No word on either pricing or availablity, which is probably a good thing for both our wallets and street cred...