Ofcom has today confirmed the largest spectrum auction that this country has ever seen.

Ofcom will release the spectrum in the 2010-2025MHz and 2500-2690MHz bands (known as 2.6GHz) on a technology and service neutral basis.

But it is expected that the new spectrum will be used for mobile broadband and advanced wireless services delivered using WiMAX and 3G technology, among other services.

In total 205MHz will be available and Ofcom expects to start the auction process in the summer.

Companies will not only be able to bid for spectrum but also trade any licenses that they win.

This auction, which is being mooted as one of the biggest events in Ofcom's history, is part of a wider bid to release around 400MHz of prime spectrum to the market over the next few years.

In December, it confirmed the so-called L-Band auction for spectrum in the 1452-1492MHz band.

And more details are expected soon on the "digital dividend", the prime spectrum that will be released through digital television switchover, later in the spring.