In a move that's already leading to mutterings about possible poor sales figures, T-Mobile, the German operator partner for Apple's iPhone, has announced a dramatic price cut promotion and a new cheaper tariff.

From 7 April to 30 June, Germans can pick up the 8GB version of the touchscreen mobile phone from just 99 euros.

This special price is dependent on the consumer subscribing to 2-year T-Mobile's Complete XL monthly contract, which will cost them 89 euros a month, but is a saving of 300 euros on the normal price for the device.

Consumers wanting smaller monthly plans can still make savings too - opting for the 69 euros a month Complete L package means the 8GB model will cost them 149 euros, while the Complete M for 49 euros will drop the phone's price to 199 euros.

In addition, T-Mobile has added a new "Small" package at the lowest end of the contract scale that comes in 29 euros a month and will let consumers net the 8GB iPhone for 249 euros.