Palm has announced it has sold its one-millionth Palm Centro smartphone, a milestone that the company says demonstrates the product's "mass appeal" to customers ready to move up from a traditional mobile to a smartie.

Palm is now shipping simplified Centro in 10 countries worldwide, including Hong Kong, Singapore, India, the UK, Germany, Spain, Ireland, France and Italy.

"The Palm Centro is flying off the shelves because users who want to step up to a smartphone see it as the perfect first choice", said Brodie Keast, senior vice president of marketing for Palm, Inc.

"It has everything a person needs to stay organized and connected with everyone who is important to them. We're very excited about the Centro's near-instant popularity in the US and think it's going to be a huge hit as it continues to make its way across the globe."

The Centro was first introduced in the United States last September and in the UK in February where is costs around the £200 mark.