We recently reported that Nav N Go was demoing an iPhone running their satnav software at CeBIT thanks to a soon-to-be-announced GPS add-on for the device, and have now received more information on the hardware.

The GPS abilities for Nav N Go's iGO My Way 8 software solution will be provided by Gomite's LocoGPS external module.

A small black box, described as a "GPS adapter", it will fit onto the bottom on the iPhone and will serve as webserver with an integrated GPS receiver.

Using the browser of the Apple device (it will work for the iPod touch too) the user can access to Nav N Go's software via Wi-Fi.

The black box will be available in summer 2008 for as as-yet unconfirmed price, but Gomite states that the recently announced iPhone SDK will not provide the required connectivity to support this product, meaning you'll only be able to use it on a jailbroken phone.

Gomite states: "This may change, but it also may never happen. We will continue to work with Apple in an effort to make this product available".