We've had camera-focused phones, we've had music-focused phones, and now Samsung is to launch a fitness-focused phone.

Called the miCoach (F110), the quad-band slider handset will offer a dedicated fitness button that once connected to a heart rate monitor and a step counter will give you information about your heartbeat, distance covered and time running when out on a run.

But rather than just record your information to download to a computer later, the phone, through the headphones, will give you running information on the fly by simply tapping the screen.

Measuring your heartbeat, the phone will also tell you if you are running too fast or too slow, based on the fitness programme you have selected.

The miCoach will offer over 220 training programmes via a fitness website ranging from plans focused towards you loosing weight or running a marathon and measure your running speed within four zones to best suit your training based on an initial assessment run.

Going up against Nike and the Apple iPod partnership, Samsung Mobile has teamed up with Adidas for the offering and users will get the heart rate monitor and the step counter - which it calls a foot pod - in the box.

The phone, which comes with 1GB memory for storing songs to play when you're out and about will also come with a 2 megapixel camera so you can record yourself as you cross the finish line.

Supporting the phone, Samsung has also created a dedicated website for PC users that allows you to plan runs, track your progress and keep a permanent diary of your training.

The phone is expected to be available next month.

Users looking for the same technology without a mobile phone element however will be disappointed, Samsung say there are no plans at the moment to release the miCoach system without the phone element.