Earlier this month, the clever chaps at Nokia unveiled a phone made pretty much entirely from recycled materials.

Now we have a mobile phone concept, which is completely degradable.

The Bamboo was an entry into the Greener Gadgets Design Competition 2008.

The Bamboo's casing is made of bio-plastic made of renewable natural resources like corn, and Bamboo (hence the name!), which, when harvested, grows back faster than many other plants.

In fact, every aspect of this phone can be returned to nature including the print board, battery, and antenna, which will simply disintegrate if put in compost.

And, in a lovely, green fingered touch, this process will release bamboo seeds that will grow into new plants.

The phone will also feature an energy-efficient monochrome display, and a hand-crack with which to re-charge the device.

Three minutes of winding it up will provide enough power for one phone call so you get a wee bit of exercise whilst making Mother Nature proud.