We brought you news of this when it was unveiled at CES, but now Bluetrek has announced the launch of the "BIZZ" in the UK.

Described as "unique", its the world's first headset to offer you storage as well as the hands-free functionality you'd expect.

This device acts a headset while you talk on the phone and can be quickly transformed into a flash memory device "at a second's notice".

The headset side of things offers up to 6 hours talk time and runs for up to 10 days on standby, and because of the USB 2.0 angle, offers charging via USB port rather than mains.

The BIZZ weighs in at 10 grams - including the ear hook - four of which in varying sizes are supplied and which it can be worn with or without.

Rather than flash memory, the storage capacity is provided via microSD card, supporting capacities up to 8GB.

The BIZZ will go on sale in the UK for a smidge under £40.