V&A Images is presenting a collection of digitised museum objects on the first multimedia museum portal for mobile phones.

Museum On The Go, the first portal for the download of digital museum objects to mobile devices, has dedicated a new section of its website to the leading collection of the V&A.

The digital gallery comprises more than 100 images from a variety of periods and topics and is available for download to mobile devices in more than 50 countries worldwide.

For the first time, 30 animated videos have been especially adapted to the small screens of mobile phones to show objects and fashion from the last century.

Images have been carefully selected and range from wallpapers and Japanese woodcuts, to toys and textiles.

The collection also includes historical photographs of personalities such as the Beatles and the Queen which can be downloaded as screensavers.

The video clips available allow the user to view museum items in a new way, "taking advantage of the multimedia possibilities of modern mobile phones".

The collection can be viewed via the mobile/WAP address for the downloads: http://motg.mobi. Price vary, from around 2 euros.