Partnering with EMI, Jamba is the first mobile content provider in Europe to offer Digital Rights Management free music for the mobile and the PC.

In the future, DRM-free music from EMI will be available on all Jamba/Jamster portals.

The company says this is a critical first step for Jamba to move towards delivering its music collection of over 1.5 million songs to mobile handsets entirely DRM-free.

Jamba's music service is available through both mobile handsets and PCs, and the new DRM-free tracks will be sent to users through a dual delivery system.

This means that a MP3 version will be sent to PCs, while compressed AAC+ files are sent to the mobile.

"Music is now available on mobile devices for everyone, and Jamba is excited to be the first company in Europe to deliver DRM free music to customers on both the mobile and PC", said Mauro Montanaro, chief executive officer of