Mobile phone fans who enjoy listening to music on their mobile will get a new tool to help them create the ultimate party mix.

Software maker NXP has created a new application, called LifeVibes MixDJ, that instead of simply playing songs consecutively with pauses between them, eliminates gaps to create a continuous, seamless playback.

The software aligns the tempo and beat of the current and upcoming songs and then fades between them, just as would a professional live DJ, according to the company.

The software can be found on the Samsung SGH-F250 music phone amongst other handsets.

NXP, which was founded by Philips has also launched LifeVibes VideoArtist, a video editing software package for mobiles that enables advanced "one-click" editing capabilities.

Users simply shoot video as normal, then select a pre-defined theme such as "sporty" or "romantic". With one click they can apply the theme, complete with audio track, and the clip is ready.

Themes can be stored on the phone or downloaded. In addition, a "wizard" feature allows users to add intro texts, static or animated frames, and choose from over 100 professionally-designed transitions.