Following Vodafone and its failed Simple phone for senior citizens, another company is attempting to appeal to the Saga market by offering a phone designed for the over-50s.

Questioning whether buttons are too small, the loudspeaker too quiet or the menu systems too confusing, the company, Emporia Telecom, has launched a range of phones for the older customer.

"Customers should be offered information instead of multiple functions", says company founder Albert Fellner. "Large buttons, an easy-to-read display, a loudspeaker that is compatible with hearing aids and simple menu navigation is what we do."

There are five phones in the range; the emporiaLIFE, the emporiaLIFEplus, emporiaTIME, emporiaTIMEplus, and the emporiaTALK.

The emporiaLIFE will have an emergency call function to let you call for help and five preset numbers will be automatically dialled. As not to confuse, the “Settings” menu item can be blocked.

The emporiaLIFEplus is the same, however menu items can be operated with a slide switch.

The emporiaTIME doesn't feature a menu, plus there is an extra button for alarm clock adjustment so, say the company, to remind you to take medication.

The emporiaTIMEplus is the same as above but has a pull-out phonebook drawer

Finally there is the emporiaTALK that features an extra-loud speaker, no menu and all functions are reduced to the bare essentials.

The phones will be available later in the year.