Intempo has launched a Bluetooth Adapter which will convert iPod speakers, with a built-in dock connector, into a Bluetooth speaker, so you can listen wirelessly to music stored on your Bluetooth-enabled mobile phone, PC or MP3 player.

The BTA-01 is simple to use, apparently taking less than 10 seconds to connect to your Bluetooth music player.

Measuring 600 x 500 x 10mm and weighing in at 80 grams, the BTA is compatible with any Bluetooth v1.2 device and covers a range of up to 10 metres.

"Mobile phone technology is advancing rapidly and many models now have Bluetooth and impressive MP3 functionality", says Katie Richards, marketing manager at Intempo.

"We wanted to let customers exploit this capability of using their mobile as a wireless music player."

The BTA-01 is available now in high gloss black with silver casing and costs £39.99.