PC World has announced the launch of a new promotion that includes a free, or discounted, laptop for every customer that signs up to an 18 month Mobile Broadband subscription from 3.

Customers signing up can choose from a range of over ten laptops, some of which are offered free up front as part of the deal and others which are available at a heavily discounted cost.

The discount is equivalent to up to £350. Customers who sign up to the agreement pay £35 a month for their tariff to take advantage of subsidised laptop offer.

The details of the tariff are as follows:

• 3GB download allowance per month
• Excess data charged 10 pence per MB thereafter
• The software included with the modem will keep track of customer usage
• Customers can send and receive texts messages via their laptop and 200 are included within the tariff
• The cost of the tariff is £35 per month

Carphone Warehouse and 3 are running a similar promotion where customers can get a free Dell Inspiron 1520 if they sign up to the same Mobile Broadband tariff.