New research commissioned by Palm with Ipsos MORI, shows that 70% of people who send text messages at midnight on New Year's Eve experience a delay in having their SMS delivered to their loved ones.

The poll highlights the overwhelming strain on SMS networks at midnight as well-wishers attempt to text friends and family.

Of those who reported experiencing a delay in previous years, 23% found that their messages took more than 6 hours to be successfully delivered.

The results vary by region, with Londoners who are most likely to be affected by a delay, with 77% reporting that their tidings were belated.

But, perhpas suprisingly, the problem is most severe in Wales, where nearly a third of people have had their New Year's message postponed by over 6 hours - resulting in bleary-eyed recipients being woken during their New Year's hangover.

Palm suggest relieving text tension by using instant messaging and email instead: whilst the SMS networks process tonnes of texts, data connections are less prone to blockage - meaning that switched-on smartphone users can deliver their thoughts immediately.