GearLive has revealed all regarding the 1.1.3 iPhone update that was rumoured to be due in December. The latest update brings many features iPhone users have been asking for.

The refresh will allow iPhone owners to shuffle the icons on the home screen via a drag and drop method in order to reorganise them in a way that suits them.

As well as rearranging the home page, users will now be able to add shortcut web bookmarks to their homepages too.

The ability to send SMS messages to more than one recipient is something that will be a welcome addition.

Feature-wise, the updates to the Google Maps application will probably prove most popular with the iPhone getting "Locate Me" services.

This appears to be a version of Google Map's new feature, "My Location", a faux-GPS app that uses cell phone tower triangulation to find you and your phone.

This service was only launched by Google in the States, so its not clear if UK iPhone users will be able to benefit.

As well as this, Google Maps also gets a "Pins" bookmarking service and the ability to view hybrid mapping.

As with previous updates, it seems 1.1.3 will lock unlocked handsets, un-jailbreak phones, and uninstall unofficial third party software, so anyone with such an iPhone is advised caution when the update goes live, reportedly next week.