T-Mobile and 3 have announced that they will be entering a "revolutionary" network sharing deal in the UK.

As a result of the union, apparently 98% of the UK's mobile phone users will have 3G coverage in 2008, creating what they are calling Britain's largest 3G network.

It means 3G services such as mobile internet and TV access will be available to the vast majority of mobile customers by the end of 2008.

3 says this means its "Mobile Broadband" offering is "now set to go from strength to strength in 2008 as it becomes faster, slicker and cheaper".

Another "benefit" suggested by the deal is that combining of the 3 and T-Mobile 3G networks will mean a reduction of 5,000 masts across the country which will play a significant part in reducing harmful impacts on the environment.

The deal runs until the end of 2031.