JCB aren't content to just launch their new own-branded JCB "Toughphone" with spec list claims alone - they are putting it through its paces at the JCB Arena with the attempt to set the world record for the planet's most indestructible mobile.

The Toughphone will be tested to the limit by the following madcap antics:

* Falling from the top of a digger over one storey high
* Being covered in sand and dirt in a cement mixer
* Getting doused in water
* Being run over by a JCB Groundhog weighing over 1.5 tonnes

Of course all this will prove, without a doubt, that the IP53 rated triband handset is in fact tough enough to withstand life on a building site.

Designed with builders, plumbers, construction workers and tradesmen in mind, features includes Bluetooth, Push to Talk and built-in dual speakers ­that offer an extra loud ringtone.

The phone, also to be launched in Europe as the Sonim XP1, comes with a 3-year warranty, the industry's best apparently, and will go on sale from Phones4U this weekend and everywhere from 8 January.