Orange has revealed that 20% of customers who have bought iPhones in France have opted for the unlocked version, the BBC reports.

Orange, the official operator in France, sells Apple's iPhone for 399 euros with a 2-year contract on a choice of four contracts, or for 749 euros without one that can be used on any network.

In the UK O2 only offers the iPhone on their contracts, from £35 a month, and in Germany T-Mobile has recently won the right to sell the iPhone only on a T-Mobile contract, although it was forced to sell unlocked version for two weeks following court action by Vodafone.

Orange sold 30,000 iPhones in the first 5 days of the device being available, with the afore-mentioned 20% of which were unlocked.

Orange says that 48% of people buying the phones were new customers for the network, roughly the same percentage AT&T in the States reported.