Sonim Technologies has announced the official launch into Europe of the Sonim XP1, an IP certified, Bluetooth and Push-To-Talk enabled GSM phone.

To show that the phone really is tuff enuff, the company has announced the "World's Toughest Phone Tour" beginning in Sweden and designed to show that the handset will withstand shock, water, wind, dust, dirt and extreme temperatures.

Bob Plaschke, CEO of Sonim comments: "If you're standing on a construction site with a welding tool in your hand, or are sitting in a catamaran with a hard wind in your face, you really don't need a fashion accessory nor a multimedia monster, you need a dependable working tool like the new XP1, built for extreme conditions".

"The Sonim XP1 doesn't die when exposed to the elements, can be dropped, kicked, tossed into a toolbox or backpack, seen and heard in bright/dark and noisy conditions, and provides reliable voice, push-to-talk and data services."

To back up the bold claims, the Sonim XP1 is backed by an "unconditional" 3 year warranty - and a lifetime warranty for the phone housing with immediate in-store replacement if needed.