T-Mobile's new Web'n'walk 5 Day Pass is £2.50 which gives you unlimited access to the whole internet on your phone for the equivalent of 50p per day.

T-Mobile's 5 Day Pass is aimed at those who want to access the web on their phone without committing to a monthly contract.

Available on nearly 40 T-Mobile pay-as-you-go handsets the one-off payment of £2.50 gives consumer's access to the whole internet for five days.

T-Mobile has also launched the latest incarnation of Web'n'walk - version 3 - which they claim makes accessing the sites on the Internet that are important to you on the move even easier.

The new version lets you personalise your internet home page with "you stuff" to give you fast, simple access to sites and services that matter.

Pay-as-you-go customers can access the Web'n'walk 5 day pass by calling 879 or texting "web" to 441.

Within 30 minutes, T-Mobile will text the customer to let them know that the pass is ready to go and this access will continue until midnight 5 full days later.