Following Vodafone's legal action against T-Mobile in Germany, the official iPhone operator-partner has been forced to offer an unlocked version of Apple's handset to German consumers.

The price for this freed up version is a whopping 999 euros, which works out as approximately £720.

We were interested to know if the tech-loving Pocket-lint readership would be prepared to pay such a premium to get hold of an officially unlocked "Jesus phone" and in our most recent reader poll, asked you just this question.

When asked "Would you pay £720 for a pre-pay iPhone?" 27% of Pocket-linters


be prepared to fork out the lump sum for the privilege, while 73% of respondents said "no".

Since that poll went live, it has been revealed that Orange in France will be offering a completely, and officially, unlocked version for a more reasonable, although still sky-high, £535, so it would be interesting to see if this reduction would tempt that 73%...