AOL UK has today launched AOL mobile, a new mobile internet portal with the claim of offering advanced functionality and a "real" internet user experience.

The new service pulls content straight from the channels on its internet portal and offering "Web Surf", "Email" and "Search".

AOL's Mobile portal includes "dynamic mobile transcoding technology" which takes web content from both and any site on the internet and optimises it for the individual user's phone, regardless of handset.

The "Web Surf" functionality allows users to enter any Website URL and for the page to be transcoded for easy viewing on their mobile device.

Once a user clicks on a link, the Web pages are transcoded but retain the AOL header and footer - for easy navigation back to the UK portal, apparently.

The redesigned mobile AOL Mail boasts an improved look and feel, email and contact search capabilities, and full folder access.

AOL Mobile search is integrated into the homepage, allowing users to conduct both web and image searches. Web search results, when clicked, will lead to the destination transcoded web page.

Content is delivered directly from, with bespoke sport, news and entertainment channels available. The range of channels and portal services are set to expand quickly as AOL further integrates its online and mobile web portals.

To view the AOL Mobile portal on your mobile phone, text "AOL" to 85885, standard charges apply.