Bluetrek has launched a new Bluetooth headset, the "SENSE", into its fashion range.

Weighing in at 8grams and measuring 5cm, the headset offers a black mirror-like finish and the boast to be the first in the Bluetrek range to offer touch-sensitive technology.

There's a dual-coloured LED display to let you know when battery levels are low while a built-in "Voice Alert" can also confirm your choice of function by saying the function, or selection, out loud via the touch sensitive button.

The SENSE can be worn with or without its slim line ear hook, which Bluetrek says it to ensure comfort for the specs-wearers among us.

The Bluetrek SENSE will be available in early 2008 for £49.99.

Technical Specifications:

* Talk Time: Up to 4 hours
* Standby time: Up to 5 days
* Weight: about 8 grams
* Size: 50 mm (L) x 15mm (W)
* Operation range: Up to 10 metres
* Voice Alert: A pre-recorded voice alerts users to low battery levels and missed calls and also confirms your choice of function such as connecting or disconnecting your headset, redialling your last number, rejecting a call or contacting favourite numbers
* Bluetooth Specification: V1.2