Momail has launched its mobile email service in the UK.

With the claims that it takes less than 2 minutes to set up a Momail account and is as easy as SMS to use, Momail's mobile email service is free.

Momail does not require special clients or software in the mobile, so you should avoid download and installation problems. This functionality also enables the service to work on the widest choice of devices on the market, today more than 950 different models just in Europe.

Momail uses the pre-installed email support platform within handsets which apparently makes Momail easier to use than other available mobile email services.

All other email accounts can be collected into a Momail mobile SuperInbox, from where you may also read and handle attachments.

Momail also works on the iPhone and to ease the set-up process for new purchasers of the iPhone, Momail has included a tutorial within the registration process to lead users through the Momail set-up.

Free registration may be done via your mobile or via the Internet on