The Apple-approved web applications offer a plethora of useful little programmes, and lots that will help with productivity, but there are also some more light-hearted offerings too.

Today, as part of a mini-series of suggested widgets for your Apple mobile, we're bringing you three funnies.

We all know Mystic 8-Balls from the brief craze they enjoyed a few years ago. Well, this is a Mystic 8-ball for your iPhone that gives yes or no answers – and – even shakes the ball for you.

Still undecided? Try a coin toss … The Coin Flip applications makes your decisions are easy as heads or tails – never make a difficult decision yourself again.

The Name Tag for iPhone is just a piece of pure nonsense, which turns your iPhone into a red and white "Hello my name is" name tag.

It’s a great way to introduce yourself – especially if the person is just staring, captivated, at your shiny new toy…