We run "blinged up" gadget news stories on Pocket-lint as they are often quick, funny articles that we know our readers find amusing, but I personally find the gadgets involved offensive.

I believe it's the very worst kind of "conspicuous consumerism" to borrow a term from the field of sociology, as there are no further features, or purpose, added by these gold-plated or gemstone-studded modifications.

It's as if it's not enough to say "Look at me, I can afford to buy a top-of-the-range MacBook", some sad consumers have to go a step further and add: "And I've had it gold-plated as I have so much spare cash".

And yes, I think "sad consumers" is the correct phrase to use, as I honestly don't believe that a normal, well-adjusted person, even one with money to


, would chose to tote such an offensive object.

But, there are plenty of companies making these things, iPods and phones are also being given the Midas touch - surely if there's demand then what's wrong with stepping in and filling a gap in the marketplace?

If you need to show off your enormous wealth with possessions then get a swanky car, buy jewelry, get a Rolex, go on the waiting list for the latest "must-have" thousand pound handbag, but leave gadgets alone.

This kind of unnecessary, showy, and definitely not cool excess belongs in the worlds of fashion and show-biz, not consumer electronics, and should say there. We're better than that.