Charles & Marie are offering this black iPhone under the name, the "ccPhone", as a limited edition purchase.

Philip Wood (creative director at Citizen:Citizen) and Tobi Wong (designer and curator) have had 50 iPhones converted into sexy jet black devices.

Changing the colour isn't all they did to it - it comes loaded with a curated series of information, artwork for the screen, video, a selection of music and Citizen:Citizen's personal address book in v-cards, which will be updated twice a year.

The site make clear that apart from the designer tweaks, this is a standard 8GB iPhone, from the US and as such, an AT&T contract should be purchased for the device - but that they'll leave the details of that up to the new owner...

Available now for pre-order with a scheduled shipping date of November 15th, a sexy black iPhone will cost you 1500 euros (about a grand).