On 1st November, T-Mobile says it "will be putting friendship first" by launching "MyFaves", the UK's first "community" price plan and the only one to offer unlimited calls to other networks.

A monthly payment gives anyone who signs up for its new MyFaves plan unlimited calls, texts and picture messages to five "key" people.

T-Mobile research reveals that the average Brit has around 60% of their mobile phone contact with a vital "inner circle" of five people. So MyFaves offers unlimited contact with them all for a flat monthly fee, any time, regardless of their network.

This new breed of price plan comes with a user interface that promises a closer connection to your top five folk.

It displays these inner circle contacts as icons or photographs on the screen of your phone - and it takes just one click to communicate with one of them, either by phone call, text or MMS.

And - good news for commitment-phobes, if you have a new best friend or part ways with a lover, you can swap them in or out of your MyFaves.

MyFaves has a selection of call packages to choose from to suit a range of customers: MyFaves 25, 35 and 40 for £25, £35 or £45 per month.

The packages also include allowance for calls and texts: MyFaves 25 offers an allowance of 25 minutes and 50 texts, MyFaves 35 offers 100 minutes and 200 texts and MyFaves 45 offers 200 minutes and 400 texts.