A new company just launched in Europe claims to herald the end of paid-for mobile phone calls.

Yeigo is a new mobile phone network that uses VoIP-type services to connect users, bypassing operator call charges, similar to other rival services already available.

Yeigo users need an internet connection on their phone - 3G or Wi-Fi - in order to use the service, the Yeigo application is free to download from www.yeigo.com with no contract to sign.

The Yeigo application uses a mobile phone’s internet connection to hook up to the Yeigo network and make calls to other Yeigo users free of charge (other than the costs of being connected to the internet)no matter what time you call or for how long you speak.

In addition, you can send SMSs from Yeigo to any destination in the world for substantially less than you would be charged by your operator.

Lungisa Matshoba, co-founder of Yeigo, says: "Consumers have been paying too much for mobile phone calls for far too long".

"Yeigo signals an exciting new era in the history of the mobile phone – it allows users to chat endlessly with friends and family, either locally or around the world, either at absolutely no cost when you are in a free Wi-Fi hotspot, or by just paying data costs if connected via 3G."