Qipit is a free online and mobile service that turns photos of handwritten or printed documents into clear, crisp digital copies.

Users need to sign up for the service, then simply take a photograph of a handwritten or printed document and send the picture to copy@qipit.com or color@qipit.com.

Qipit's patented ink-extraction technology then automatically transforms it into a high contrast, easy-to-read digital copy or "qipit" that can be sent back to your phone, emailed to an email address, stored anywhere or shared online.

The company has just made the announcement that they've made a "leap forward" with the release of technology that maximises the readability of scanned text and preserves the integrity of photographs in "qipit" copies.

They claim the result is vibrant, easy to read, easy to print colour copies of documents that preserve all significant information from the original document.

Qipit works with any digital camera or 1-megapixel and up cameraphone.