A new and unique way to explore London has launched - for your mobile phone.

Do Me Mobile Limited announces the launch of Do Me ... London, described as an informative and entertaining tourist guide that's available on your phone whenever and wherever you want.

Visitors and Londoners on-the-go can now access multimedia guides to more than 80 of the capital's top attractions, by sending a text message.

Ben Whitehead, a professional tour guide and actor, and his five alter-egos narrate the engaging and apparently, "sometimes horrifying", stories you won't find anywhere else.

Users can also access interactive maps, photos and other detailed information from London Bridge to the London Dungeon.

To get started, you have to text the word London to 83040. You'll receive a free reply with a link to the Do Me ... London website, which can be accessed through your phone's browser.

The claim is that the site is quick and easy to use, and there's no charge for browsing. Use the map or the search function to find the attraction you want, then simply click on the relevant link.

You'll receive an automated phone call telling you everything you need to know. Billing is by reverse SMS, at £1.00 or £1.50 per call.

"I want to take people to the real London, through its dark alleyways and hidden secrets", said Whitehead. "Now whenever you go somewhere in London, you always have me as your guide, as long as you have your phone."