Broadcom Corporation has announced a new single-chip HSPA (high-speed packet access) processor that integrates all of the key 3G cellular and mobile technologies on an extremely low power, single 65 nanometer CMOS die.

Broadcom's new "3G Phone on a Chip" solution will enable manufacturers to build next generation 3G HSUPA phones with breakthrough features, sleek form factors and very long battery life, all at a fraction of the cost of today's solutions.

Never before has anyone integrated as many radio devices on a single chip, which the company says demonstrates Broadcom's technology leadership in multi-modal CMOS RF technology and puts them over a year ahead of competitors.

Phones with the new Broadcom HSUPA processor will be able to download content at up to 7.2 megabits per second and upload content such as pictures and videos at up to 5.8Mbps, all directly from their phone.

The BCM21551 chip is suitable for both "mass market" high volume 3G "feature phones" as well as smartphones running an open OS such as Symbian, Windows Mobile, or Linux. So fingers crossed for some really fast new phones soon...