Pay-per-day mobile broadband launches for the first time in Britain as T-Mobile launches laptop surfing for never more than £4 a day.

From November 1st T-Mobile will offer new and existing customers, with a T-Mobile USB modem, the chance to get internet access without a contract.

T-Mobile says this new deal offers unlimited browsing (fair usage applies) and allows customers to take full advantage of the internet, the way they like at any time, without the constraints of a fixed line, for no more than £4.

Customers using the service will be notified if they are using Web'n'walk Plus Daily regularly enough to benefit from an upgrade to web n walk Plus or Max contract.

The operator has also cut prices on its pay monthly mobile broadband tariffs, Web'n'walk Plus and Max.

The web'n'walk Plus package, which allows you to browse, email, download, stream and instant message, has been reduced from £29 a month to never more than £20 a month.

Meanwhile, Web'n'walk Max, which provides all the same benefits of Web'n'walk Plus as well as internet calling services like Skype, has been cut from £44 a month to never more than £35.

The new Web'n'walk tariffs are available to all existing customers as well as new customers available from now.