Communic8, the company that offers the Emporia Life handset in the UK, has launched a new easy-to-use mobile, called (can you see what they've done here?) the EasyUse.

It has a transflective screen which is clear to read, even in direct sunlight, with large-type text display, as well as a highly visible large blue button keypad which is also easy to operate.

For the "technically challenged" the EasyUse is a no-nonsense, back-to-basics mobile featuring just what is needed to stay in touch with friends and family, without all the "fuss of today's gadgetry".

Key features of the new EasyUse phone include four speed-dial memory buttons allowing the user to dial their most used numbers with just one touch of a button, a hands-free loudspeaker, a 50 number phonebook, a powerful vibration alert and also an optional earpiece.

EasyUse is now available directly from Communic8 or the RNIB on a Vodafone pre-pay package at £139.99.