It looks like that we-paid-too-much for Skype news from eBay has put the company in a right bad mood.

Overnight, the auction giant has taken down all listings that contained JAJAH Buttons that auction holders had put up since the widgets launched.

The email from eBay to sellers using JAJAH states: "The listing was removed because it violated the eBay Inappropriate Links policy ... links or other connections to live chat systems are not permitted."

The JAJAH buttons offer a click-through direct dial functionality to the VoIP service.

Designed to be used on eBay listings, as well as on sites, blogs and emails, the buttons let people call you, at low cost to you, without you having to disclose your personal details.

JAJAH co-founder Roman Scharf said: "Our vision was simply to bring voice communication to one of the worlds greatest marketplaces for eCommerce".

"With millions of registered users, JAJAH is hardly an 'inappropriate' organization."

"We were seeing great excitement for JAJAH buttons on eBay and we are disappointed that some of our user's listings are now being removed. We are currently seeking to get clarification from eBay."