DLP Products from Texas Instruments has demonstrated the second-generation pico-projector prototype at the SID Mobile Display Conference in San Diego.

In addition, the company has announced that three manufacturers Foxconn, Sypro Optics and Young Optics plan to design and build mobile products that use the pico-projection technology.

DLP pico-projectors, can either be standalone projectors or as integrated components in mobile devices, and will provide users with the flexibility to share video and graphic content in a larger way than has been possible before.

Building on the DLP pico-projector first shown earlier this year, DLP Product's second-generation prototype claims to demonstrates advancements in both form factor and picture quality from the earlier model.

The new prototype is thinner and smaller, which allows easier integration in many mobile devices such as cellular phones, digital cameras and portable media players.

DLP's latest prototype is being shown in the form factor of a mobile phone, measuring in at around 10 millimetres in thickness, with no fan or other moving parts (not pictured).

The enhanced picture quality comes in with a "speckle-free" solution, which is said to deliver a clear and crisp image.

Products powered by DLP pico-projector technology, will enable viewers to watch images and video clips on most surfaces with an image the size around 8.5 x 11 inches.

Frank J. Moizio, manager of emerging markets business, TI DLP front projection, said:

"Today there are approximately 1.4 billion mobile devices with screens that are less than 3.5 inches; our innovation opens the opportunity to have information and video displayed in a much more compelling way - without compromise to the size of current mobile devices."