Tesco Internet Phone has launched the tiny Tesco Internet Phone Stickphone.

Not a particularly new concept to those of a tech persuasion, it's an internet phone that is also a USB memory stick, weighs next to nothing, fits in your pocket and lets you make VoIP calls from a UK number wherever you are in the world.

This device is part of a new range launched by the supermarket giant to help promote the Tesco internet phone service that offers monthly price plans including unlimited anytime UK calls for £5 a month and unlimited anytime international calls for £8.50 a month.

Simply plug the Tesco Internet Stickphone into a PC to be automatically taken online to register for an account.

The Tesco Internet Phone Stickphone can be used from any computer anywhere, as long as it is broadband enabled and can pick up voicemail messages from anywhere in the world.

It stores all your contacts in the 1GB USB memory stick so there is no need to carry bulky address books around anymore either.

The Tesco Internet Stickphone is available from selected Tesco stores nationwide, as well as online, for a special introductory price of £19.97.