Although not due to be released until a bit later in the year, for the lucrative "holiday" period, T-Mobile has unveiled two new Sidekick models in the States.

The Sidekick Slide and Sidekick LX follow the familiar form factor for the range but are a lot slimmer than previous offerings, the LX measures .86-inch thick while the Slide comes in at .68-inch.

Both models are quad-band, offer a 1.3-megapixel camera, a microSD card slot for external storage up to 4GB, Bluetooth and support for instant messaging applications.

The LX, made by Sharp, is the higher-end model and boasts a 3-inch 400 x 240 QVGA display, with tech taken from Sharp's AQUOS televisions.

It will allow MMS messaging (apparently for the first time on a Sidekick) and will be available for $299 in "midnight blue" or "espresso brown".

The Motorola-manufactured Slide, a first for the range, in that purple and black colour-scheme, will cost $199.

Described as focused on messaging, it will not have a music player. The "Slide" name comes from the fact, and you may have guessed this already, that the screen slides up rather than swivels.