The Open Mobile Terminal Platform (OMTP) has announced that its members, which include manufacturers like Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, Sony Ericsson and LG have agreed to use micro-USB as a common connector.

The news will mean that users will be able to swap add-ons like chargers, speakers and data connectors in the future.

"With the reduction of cables needed for mobile data connectivity, we can further enhance user experiences in our devices while reducing the burden to the environment", said Markku Verkama, Director of Portfolio Planning at Nokia, one of the company's that according to the OMTP heavily pushed for the unified connector.

According to the OMTP, UK consumers change their handset on average twice a year, through contract upgrades or personal choice meaning there are literally hundreds of millions of chargers and data cables in circulation.

Earlier in the month Nokia, Samsung and Sony Ericsson announced they were joining forces to create a unified format for mobile phone memory.