Pocket-lint has learnt of a new device about to shake up the home cinema arena due to hit the shops before Christmas simply codenamed the "Pelican Project".

The device, which is rumoured to offer a HD DVD and Blu-ray drive, alongside Bluetooth and hard disk drive, is supposedly so called because of its rumoured ability to filter out information as well as storing files "just like the sea bird's beak".

"We aren't sure if it's going to be a portable device or something for under your television", one industry insider told us. "But what we do know, that if true, it is likely to give the LG and Samsung dual players a run for their money."

The mention of Bluetooth could mean that the device works similar to Seagate's DAVE technology that promises to allow consumers to stream content from a hard drive to a portable device like a mobile phone.

Details are incredibly sketchy at the moment, including who is making the unit, although big names have already been linked according to sources.

Those same sources are also suggesting is will have accents of yellow in its design.

We will keep you posted.