Ovum analysts have added their two cents to chatter about the iPhone's UK launch. Announced officially by Steve Jobs yesterday, the iPhone will launch in the UK on November 9th with operator partner O2.

Despite suggestions that the device would have to go 3G to be a success in Britain, the model launched will run on the "2.5G" EDGE network, as well as Wi-Fi where available.

Ovum's director of wireless intelligence, Martin Garner, stated: "We think that this is simply inadequate and will frustrate a lot of users who take their iPhone to their parents’ house in, for example Cornwall, at Christmas and say 'look how great this is for web browsing'".

The main problem lies in the fact that O2 has only rolled out EDGE coverage to 30% of the UK. Where there is no EDGE coverage, the phone will drop back to slow 2G network, unless there's Wi-Fi coverage, hence the reason Apple did the deal with The Cloud for free hotspot coverage.

But, for anyone in rural areas, or in Northern Ireland, this big-city-centric Cloud coverage is no help at all for using the phone out and about.

"Will the shortcomings of EDGE coverage be compensated for by Wi-Fi?" Garner asked, "O2 said that their research shows that up to two-thirds of usage would be on Wi-Fi, either at home or out and about".