Reuters is reporting that Deutsche Telekom has "clinched an exclusive deal with Apple Inc to sell the coveted iPhone in Germany" according to an industry source.

The deal will be announced next week, and apparently Deutsche Telekom's T-Mobile has agreed to share voice and data revenues generated by the phones with Apple, the source also said.

As we recently reported here on Pocket-lint, we have been invited to an Apple press conference on Tuesday 18th September which we fully expect will announce the launch of the iPhone - and which operator will get the contract, thought to be O2 - in the UK.

The invite states only "Mum is no longer the word" presumably referring to the fact that Apple are about to break the silence about the deal.

T-Mobile has been widely rumoured to be the mobile phone operator that gets the deal from Apple in Germany, and as the timescale fits with what is expected to be the UK launch it could well be the case.

What isn't clear is if a recent image showing an apparently leaked T-Mobile advert for the iPhone revealing a 16GB model with HSDPA was genuine or not - errors in the ad made it look more likely to be a fake.