Tesco is launching landline-style call plans for its internet phone service.

The new Tesco internet phone monthly price plans include unlimited anytime UK calls for £5 a month and unlimited anytime international calls for £8.50 a month.

Customers will be able to use and pay for an internet phone in the same way they would a traditional landline service which they say will make internet phone calls a normality for British households.

We say - it'll certainly simplify the process and take the worry out of what could be a plunge into the unknown for the average consumer.

Andy Dewhurst, chief executive officer of Tesco Telecoms, says: "These new prices are a simple way for anyone with internet access to make really great value or free calls at any time".

"Consumers no longer need to worry about expensive call costs abroad or when they are calling home from international destinations. We really believe this will take the stress and guilt out of round-the-world calls."

Customers can buy the all-in-one Tesco internet phone service in-store on online.